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Software Development

Information Technologies today support all business processes and are an essential component of operational performance. At the same time, the emergence of web technologies has created new challenges: dematerialization, virtualization, disintermediation, data migration, mobility are just a few of the buzzwords that are most frequently mentioned in company development plans.

They make software applications gain an increasingly important role in all business phases – from management to organisation, production, delivery, internal communications and customer relations.

Application development becomes more strategically relevant than ever in this context, with strongly business-oriented aims that require ever higher levels of quality and effectiveness to ease the pressure related to time and costs.

Years of experience in different sectors (Telecommunications, Logistics, Finance) make us as the ideal partner for companies that want reliable, performing and scalable application solutions to deal with the needs of company management and development in an agile, effective manner.

Creating customized, modular web and mobile applications that effectively support business growth at a limited cost leveraging the most advanced web technologies and highly engineered components, putting great attention on the system’s maintenance aspects and modular nature.

The extensive knowledge of tools and methods allows i-Seed to adopt the approach that best guarantees integration with the customer’s production processes in every context. The results are solid, scalable architectures, flexible software with high added value for business, processes strongly oriented to achieving measurable, tangible objectives.