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i-Seed > Security


Secure mobile

  • tailored solution for mobile application usage
  • QR Code-based registration
  • short lived security tokens to prevent token copies
  • full OAuth 2.0 support
  • OpenID Connect Support (Q2 2015)
  • OAuth2 Assertion Extension (2015)
  • hardened mobile API’s


Secure web

  • mobile application to act as authentication device
  • QR Code-based mobile application activation
  • X509-compliant security key material
  • Transaction signing support
  • hardened Mobile APIs


Secure token

  • Hardware token support for customers that do not have or do not want to use a smartphone
  • supports all hardware token compliant with the open authentication imitative standards: HOTP, TOTP, OCRA
  • Support for OATH Key container file (PKSC) shipped with the hw-tokens
  • complete support for FIDO U2F


Policy server

  • Module to intercept security server request and enforce policies
  • Fact based rule engine to identify and react upon potential security threads
  • Flexible rule definition language to define policies and evaluate facts
  • APIs, to alert security tracking applications such as fraud detection systems or service help desks