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Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Nowadays we experience a profound and fast technological evolution, where the growing of communications among “Things” is becoming the center of the engineering researches. This phenomenon produces a big change in the “way of life” of our society, opening the doors to the new  Industry 4.0. Services are always faster, new applications are developed in a variety of industrial sectors at every level, from production to control. This technological acceleration brings new and important opportunities in the time-to market reduction. From this point of view, industrial companies’ sectors (Automotive, Automation, Avionics, …) need to move faster for staying in touch with this evolution and satisfying the increasing needs of their clients and customers.

I-Seed constantly monitors this technological evolution and supports industrial sectors at all levels to take strategical decisions, thanks to our long experience in satisfying the needs of our Clients and Partners. We share our expertise in business and technical analysis, in conceiving complex solutions, starting from the design of user interfaces (UI) to firmware, hardware or software development, giving great attention to the Software Lifecycle Management (SLM).