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Banking & Insurance

The Finance sector appears well-defined intuitively. If you want to, however, to observe more precisely the trading system that you place and the institutions and instruments that are competing markets, intuition It is no longer enough and it becomes necessary to have more cognitive tools adequate.

These very different perspectives lead to immediately carry some choices so that it is immediately clear optics of the business direction. We work with banks across all regions to help them adapt and prepare for market changes Their businesses shaped by evolving digital technologies, dynamic consumer preferences, Increasing competition and changing regulations.

More banks have come to recognize that the way forward requires harnessing new business models, integrating digital and physical channels, capturing the economics of customer loyalty and dramatically reducing costs.

Our consulting teams address all of these challenges, and more. We work with clients to:

Improve customer strategy and customer loyalty. We redesign product lines, INCREASE sales effectiveness and develop unparalleled customer loyalty That boosts the bottom line.

Develop winning strategies. We adjust business models, long-term strategy refocus on the core business, assess business portfolios, manage divestments and explore new markets and partnerships. We also design and support full-scale transformations and improve risk-evaluation methods, both managerial and technical.
Succeed with digital. We help banks adapt distribution and service channels to seamlessly incorporated digital and mobile banking.

Realize the full potential of information technology. We support clients in evaluating and Implementing new IT processes That enable faster decisions and rapid technology development.
Establish efficient organizations. We enable decision-making capabilities That improve organizational effectiveness.
Confront compliance. We support compliance and risk officers and Their teams in satisfying the demands of complex regulations while blackberries Also helping companies grow Their Their top and bottom lines.
Lower costs and INCREASE efficiency. We reduce back-office costs and optimize service operations, including branch and ATM networks and online and mobile services.