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About Us

I Seed… You Seed… WE SEED!



i-Seed is the digital transformation partner for those companies who have new perspectives, new initiatives and who want to innovate their business.



Combining our technologies, methodologies and experiences in a liquid system in which you have the perfect environment to build the innovation.

Collaborate, think and act…that’s our way of doing!

Research & Development ISeed


Our mission is planting the Seed of Innovation!

The digital world is around us and we want to guide our customers to the possible next!

Our Skills & Expertise

i-Seed covers three areas of competence:

Applications – i-Seed designs and develops application solutions for business needs; i-Seed manages all project phases, from the design to the delivery through all testing activities.

Research – i-Seed has an important history of research and training. i-Seed has started strong collaborations with Italian universities, and has established strong partnership in the fields of research;

Technologies – i-Seed optimizes the use of innovative technologies, creating solutions and POC to establish trust with our customers. This guarantees maximum operational efficiency and flexibility.

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Software Development 0
Business Analysis 0

What Are You Waiting For? Be a Seed Today!