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Job Interviews

FAQ Recruitment Process

How the recruitment process works?

i-Seed is focused on an high quality delivery. To reach our objectives, we should recruit high quality professionals. That’s why our recruitment process is based on several steps. First Interview with the aim of introduce the company and understand your profile. The second interview is deep dive into the hard skills of your background. After that, we could be ready to meet our customers.

How long is the recruitment process?

There is no specific answer. It could last a week or different months. It depends on customer’s constraints, candidates’ constraints and many other unpredictable variables. Each kind of seed needs his specific time to grow.

Should I come to your office or I can do a phone interview?

Know each other is essential for having the right feeling in doing the right choice. On the other hand, the first interview could be a phone call, to give to all candidates the same chances, whether they live 1 km away or they live in the opposite side of the country.

Any other questions?

Send us your cv…we will contact you to satisfy your curiosity!