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Project Management

Our Project Managers will be able to support you to follow your time/budget constraints.

System Integration

Organize and adapt your applications into an integrated and more efficient system

Application Design

Design your Web/Host/Mobile/Enterprise application

Integrate and Orchestrate Indipendently on all Channels

ISeed provides solution for digital trasformation’s challenges. ISeed is focused on orchestrating customer relationship – the most important factor of a successful digitalization strategy. Customers ask for having all the information they need at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.


A Linked Expert Team Like No Other

i-Seed.IT Inspirers

"The value of a man,     should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive"

Albert Einstein Physicist - Nobel 1921

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"

Henry Ford Automotive Entrepreneur

"You see things and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were and I say 'Why not?'"

George Bernard Shaw Irish Writer - Nobel 1925

"There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go"                        

Seneca Philosopher

"When the best leader's work is done the people say, 'We did it ourselves'"                        

Lao Tzu Philosopher

"Stay hungry, Stay foolish!"                                                    

Steve Jobs Apple Inc. founder


Be a Seed! Design your future with ISeed

Thanks a strong partnership with Italian Universities, ISeed provide a gradual integration of newly graduated into employment, with training on the job guided by senior consultants.

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Whether you're at first work experience or are an experienced consultant, we have a clear career path that makes your growth possible.

Thanks to the different sectors in which we operate and following your passions, we can customize your career path to enhance your capabilities.


Let Them Know Why You’re the Best

i-Seed.IT pays great attention in each job interviews in order to evaluate soft and hard skills of all candidates.

Soft-skills are an essential aspect in any working environment, especially in consultancy, because they affect the way we meet the customer's needs.


What Are You Waiting For? i-Seed.IT Today!!

Send us your CV. We will be pleasure to meet you in a first job interview.

Our Recruitment team will advice you a specific business area following your background, your ambitions and passions.


Let Them Know Why You’re the Best

Keep in touch! Job interviews are very helpful for current and future work opportunities.

The selection process is based on several job interviews. Business Managers understand your personal needs and will drive you to the right work environment in order to strenghten your capabilities.

Design the Process in Your Mind

Quality in all phases of project Lifecycle


A “recovery” approach to problems is not enough to obtain high levels of long-lasting quality. A more in-depth “diagnosis” is required, through the analysis of the defects that cause malfunctions and the review of the processes that generate them.

Only through such a diagnosis is possible to provide an adequate decisions support for the optimisation of quality-related investments and to implement the right prevention measures, starting a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

To this end, ISeed offers management and reporting tools and methods, as well as activities to assess and measure results and impact. Overall, they are destined to support a more systematic and strategic approach to quality management, guaranteeing a higher ROI and higher prediction capacity.

The most common and immediate approach to IT quality is aimed at identifying and solving the problems
and the critical issues
 that arise during application execution.

Most definitions of “quality” refer to the same basic principle: product/service quality is represented by its ability to satisfy the expectations of the people who use it.

The aspects linked to the end-users experience are therefore a crucial element in software quality. This is especially true for the growing numbers of companies that interact with their customers mainly (if not only) through digital tools.

ISeed offers a broad range of solutions and services serving two goals. Firstly, they can be used to make sure that the application quality perceived by end-users is in line with their expectations and with company objectives. Secondly, they can be used to deal quickly and effectively with help desk services and problem management.

Improving intrinsic software quality provides advantages both to IT and to business. Applied to IT, this means speedier application delivery and reduced development and maintenance costs. Business-wise, it guarantees high levels of service in company processes, higher productivity and a positive brand experience for customers.

ISeed offers a broad range of performance and structural tests, as well as services for resource and process optimization and management in the field of quality software – all aimed at combining increased quality levels with lower costs.

ISeed ensures an accurate estimate of the project cost using a fixed-budget approach (FBSC) Strategy controlled flow. This strategy works giving to the client, at the beginning of the project, a good understanding of it (with a similar approach to T & M). Thanks to the combination this information and our knowledge about software development, we can create a feasible budget. Our aim is not to set the scope of the entire project, we only fix the budget and time.

i-Seed.IT offers a variety of services, made for your business. 

Let Them Know Why you’re the Best

We are looking for…


    Complex problem solving;        Judgment decision maker;    Programming

Business Analyst

       Problem solving;              Critical thinking skills;         Relationship-building skills.

Project Manager

Interpersonal and leadership skills;      Organization skills;             Time management;     Communication.


  Strong vertical competence;        Break the problem down;           Team working;             Strong analytical mind;          Desire to learn.

ISeed, you Seed, we Seed BE A SEED!

“Keep in sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow – pershaps it all will .”
Albert Einstein

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Digital Innovation

Our Business digitalization product, a simple, fast and efficient way to digitalize your customer relationships. With the flexible business modules, we can create a personalized digitalization strategy just for you. The security suite provides the necessary security for all channels.
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Fixed Price Projects

Our approach is an Agile approach, based on Scrum methodology and design thinking. The technologies and architectures for the optimal solution are correspondingly defined with the customer and implemented. Taking the requirements engineering as a starting point, the requirements are analyzed from a user’s perspective and presented in a comprehensible format. This is the base for estimating the project deliverables in relation to cost and time, which can then be implemented within the context of contracts for work depending on the client’s wishes.


ISeed provides analysts and Project Managers to help you in planning and implementing projects successfully and agilely. We offer: Project and Program Management, Agile Management, Review of Projects and Solutions, Quality Management, Test Management, Integration Management, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Analysis

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With us you have the opportunity to grow leveraging your skills. Team leader? Project Manager? Business Manager? Be a Seed!

Make a difference

Unmatched career growth

Became an Account Manager

Lead a Team

Drive the developers

Design and create


Gather and specify clearly the requirements for all the functionalities that must be provided by a software program or system.


Design the software product accordingly to the requirements specification, following our consolidated approach.


Develop your software product meeting your specific needs.


Test all the deliverables in order to hold the highest quality fro products.

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